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  1. Orca Search version 2.1d available

    ... for blocking out sections of a page from being indexed. Usually, the script writers add some proprietary comment tag which then needs to be ...
    /?post=192 (1.0)

  2. Orca's Opera Bug List

    ... appear after DOM addition and setting selectedIndex (August 29, 2006) 220733 selectedIndex changes not reflected while under display:none; ...
    /code/opera/bugs/ (1.0)

  3. Opera Crasher #327061 - Unpacked widget detection crasher on corrupt config.xml

    ... and paste it into a file on your desktop named "index.html": <html> <head> <title>Opera crash</title> </head> <body> Opera go boom! </body>< ...
    /code/opera/bugs/WidgetDetection (0.5)

  4. Cyprus, and what capitalists want

    ... section of where I claim that one of the parameters of ...
    /?post=355 (0.5)

  5. IE8: Same version equals different rendering?

    ... with the PNG images with transparency (8 bit, indexed colours) as background which sometimes load and sometimes not when you refresh the ...
    /?post=313 (0.5)

  6. Orca Search 2.0 rc1 available!

    ... for lightning speed - It allows direct editing of indexed details with a super-powerful list-GUI - It gives you powerful spider-control ...
    /?post=167 (0.5)

  7. Nearing Orca Search Apocalypse!

    ... swapping. So no worries! The new automatically indexing search engine is on it's way! In other news, I've made another couple small changes ...
    /?post=117 (0.5)

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