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  1. Choosing High-Contrast Text Colour Based on Background Colour

    …relativeLuminance + 0.05) / 0.05; let chooseWhite = 1.05 / (relativeLuminance + 0.05); let contrastRatio = document.getElementById('contrast'); if (chooseBlack > chooseWhite) { contrastRatio.value = Math.round(chooseBlack * 1000) / 1000;; } else contrastRa…

    /381 (100.00)
  2. The Brave Little Toaster: Novella vs Film

    …ure of the film is the not-quite-out-of-place-but-almost meadow segment, where the withering death of a love-sick flower spurned is contrasted with a burlesque comedy of beavers, turtles and squirrels, culminating in a grand 1930s style musical water balle…

    /263 (14.39)
  3. PHF: Portable Hypertext Format - Demo

    …gives it an exhaustive list of all assets the current page is using. Assets the current page is not using can be ignored, while in contrast the PHF format will download and save all referenced assets, regardless of whether they are used or not. These asse…

    /code/php/phf/ (7.19)
  4. Iguana no Musume / Iguana Girl

    …Rika, Mami and Noboru) it's only 50 pages, and concerns itself more with Rika coming to terms with being different. By contrast, the television drama is eleven forty-minute episodes bulked up with subplots about friendship, misunderstandings, love triangl…

    /374 (7.19)
  5. The Great Planet Debate

    …body larger than Pluto. Then, on October 21, 2003, it was found by a team headed by the unfortunately blandly named Mike Brown (in contrast, how could you forget names like Clyde Tombaugh or Percival Lowell!). This body was Eris, larger than Pluto and orb…

    /215 (7.19)

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