Opera Puffin Archive

MozillaIn June of 2004, just after Opera 7.5 was released, I got it in my head that Opera needed a mascot, much like Netscape had Mozilla in the 90s. Opera's colour is red and they're from Norway, so I thought puffins would be perfect since Norway is one of their habitats and, in full mating regalia, their beaks are quite colourfully red.

PrestoSo I set about making a bunch of graphics to pitch it to people, and even recruited a cartoonist I was acquainted with to draw some cute cartoons. Admittedly, not much came of it; the idea didn't really take off, and Opera was passively resistant to having an animal mascot.

Regardless, I kept all the images and if you want to use them to promote the Opera Internet Browser on your site, feel free to use them! As far as I'm concerned, Opera and puffins will always be two inter-related concepts in my mind.

Presto the Puffin by Don van der Ahé

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Opera 8 Chat Stylesheets

Opera used to have an integrated IRC chat client. It was discontinued, so these styles are just here for posterity's sake.

Credited Photos

If copyrighted photos from another site were used, permission was given by the photographer for modifcation by GreyWyvern only. Links to each photographer's site are given where applicable. If you would like to make your own graphics from photos by these photographers, please contact them personally.

Ulrich Sauer Series

Deryk Shaw Series / Fair Isle Bird Observatory

Steve Johnson Series

XP Icons

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Nigel Homer Series

Stock Photographs

Photos for this set of images taken from various free stock photography archives. I am using these images with the assumption that the archives I copied them from were legitimate. If you own the copyright on any of the images below, please let me know by sending me a message via my contact form. Should you be, or know of, the original copyright holder, the associated images will be removed immediately.


XP Icons

Visible images are 24-bit PNGs. Click the image to view/download the associated .ico file!

The Originals

These were the first puffin-related Opera graphics I ever made. Basically just a puffin head in the Opera logo, but still cute nonetheless.