JavaScript Stuff

JavaScript is a lot like PHP in syntax so I find it relatively easy to switch between the two. The Orca Scripts, for example, use a lot of dynamically generated JavaScript which fades away seamlessly if it's disabled in the client browser. As it happens, I am a stickler for building JavaScript that doesn't "mess up" the page when it's disabled. I test all my JavaScript in Firefox and Vivaldi / Chrome.

JavaScript usually resides within script tags like so:

    /* JavaScript code goes here */

... or in an external file with a .js extension. So if you're unsure of where to put some code you've downloaded off this site, that's where it goes! Just click on the project page link beside the title of each script to go to the code.

Scroller Sample

This is block 1
This is block 2, which appears five seconds later
Blocks can contain any HTML including:
Images, tables, links and more
Easy to configure, easy to run, now even easier in version 2.0
Have any number of block scrollers running on a single page all with a single JavaScript
View the source code for more info!

Recommended Links

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