My Widgets

Widgets are small web programs built with the same underlying code as normal websites. However, these programs are designed to be self-contained, allowing them to be displayed as (almost) standalone objects on a user's desktop when using a capable platform.

In the past, the Opera browser had the ability to install these widgets and display them on your desktop without any browser chrome. Over time, the widget idea didn't prove to be as popular as expected, and both Opera and the Microsoft Windows operating system discontinued their implementations of widgets.

Regardless, widgets are still bits of executable script applied to simple webpages, so I've embedded (almost) all of the widgets I built over the years here for you to check out. So what are you waiting for? Start using widgets! :)

More Widgets

I built two other widgets for use with the Opera browser that I haven't embedded here. Both widgets depended on 'screen-scraping' the data from 3rd party sites to function, and for that reason I decided I'd rather not post them here.