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  1. The Opera Puffin Archive

    A collection of puffin graphics made from 2004 to 2006 in my attempt to have puffins adopted as the official mascot of the Opera Browser. It didn't catch on.

    /puffins (100.00)
  2. The New Opera Mascot!

    …the Puffin campaign ! Jun 14, 2004 - 18:31 # Comment by hpearcePuffins are cool. They even have some in Maine. Long live the Opera puffin ! Jun 15, 2004 - 1:34 # Comment by RobinI've never seen a puffin, but it looks really cool. So I support you guys. Jun…

    /53 (81.34)
  3. Puffin-mascot-itis?

    Puffin-mascot-itis? Feb 1, 2005Is the race for a new mascot for the Opera Browser heating up? Eivind, one of's web developers has posted an official shout-out for a mascot of some type; looking for feedback from the rest of community, I suppose.…

    /149 (40.19)
  4. New Opera Puffin Graphics!

    New Opera Puffin Graphics! Oct 8, 2004I've made some brand new Opera puffin graphics! These graphics are based on drawings by Don van der Ahé, cartoonist. I contacted him a few days ago and he's really excited about this project so hopefully we'll have mor…

    /112 (40.19)
  5. Widgets by GreyWyvern

    …game built using javascript and the <canvas> element, which works in advanced browsers such as Opera and Firefox. Stars Presto the Puffin, Opera's unofficial puffin mascot! PlanetWerks Current Version - 2.6 My widget masterpiece! PlanetWerks is a three-dim…

    /widgets/ (16.75)
  6. Webcomics

    …mic website, that's no problem for me. But who do I know who can draw? I've been good friends with the guy who drew the Presto the Puffin cartoons a few years ago, and since then he's been an off-and-on cartoonist. He and his wife are expecting their secon…

    /275 (9.57)
  7. So, what should I name him?

    …e since I'm with him every day. In other news, I made two new chat background stylesheets for Opera IRC chat, featuring Presto the Puffin! :) In honour of Opera 8's imminent release I offer you these: Boy, it's been a lo…

    /155 (9.57)
  8. A Hitch-Hiking Power Ranger?

    …this! Thereby rescuing your perception of Opera before it gets corrupted by hastily conceived marketing blunders. The Wrath of The Puffin cannot be stopped! Find out how to ditch the Power Ranger in your own Opera 8.0 at The Puffin Archive! Tweet this Comm…

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