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  1. Apache mod_rewrite & mod_alias tricks you should know

    …d if a certain file hasn't yet been translated, it will silently default to the file from the main website. In the example above, "index.php" is the filename of your directory index. Regexp Magic The mod_rewrite documentation at does a pretty go…

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  2. Orca Search 2.1 released!

    …pt gains a minor version number increase as this is a huge release; a large number of fundamental changes were included, including indexing PDF files! View the changelog for more information. The release expands on the scripts extensability. The PDF indexi…

    /182 (71.43)
  3. Clipping Box-Shadow

    …What I wanted to do was to remove the top part of the shadow, or slide it under the horizontal menu. My first thought was using z-index, giving the whole horizontal menu a higher z-index than the vertical menus. However the vertical menus are themselves c…

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  4. Making Parallaxed HTML5 Video Work

    …giving them a higher z-index value, the video will still "spill out" of the document wherever there are normal elements with no z-index assigned. In fact, you will need to z-index and background-color all the basic blocks of your document so that nothing…

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  5. Parallaxed Video using CSS position:fixed

    …hould appear in a block element below this one. However, it spills out and appears wherever there isn't an element of higher CSS z-index covering it. The entire document must be given an opaque CSS background and higher z-index for the effect to work prope…

    /code/html-css/parallaxed-video/broken.html (50.00)
  6. Orcinus Site Search

    …ng, indexing and searching engine Schedule your crawls to happen only between certain hours of the day, or crawl via CLI / crontab Indexes plain text, HTML, XHTML, XML, and PDF files via PDFParser Customizable search output template via Mustache Search "fo…

    /orcinus/ (42.86)
  7. Orca Search version 2.1d available

    …ople have when implementing a search engine at their site is to have some mechanism for blocking out sections of a page from being indexed. Usually, the script writers add some proprietary comment tag which then needs to be added to every spidered page in…

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  8. Looking for Orca Search 3.0 Beta Testers!

    …test. The Orca PHP Search 3.0 boasts the following major features: Virtually fully automatic site crawling + searching engine PDF indexing via PdfParser Schedule your crawls to only happen between certain hours of the day Fully customizable search output…

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  9. Cyprus, and what capitalists want

    …s of Your post is that people act rationally. My counterargument resides at the "consistency" section of where I claim that one of the parameters of people is "consistency", e.g. a parame…

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  10. IE8: Same version equals different rendering?

    …here is no point of using IE8 rendering engine when add to the issue abowe the issue with the PNG images with transparency (8 bit, indexed colours) as background which sometimes load and sometimes not when you refresh the page few times. (windows 7) May 05…

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