Javascript virtual keyboard interface

Jun 28, 2007

Improve the accessibility of your forms and form elements with this easy-to-implement javascript. Just include the script file, css file and give a certain class name to the text and password input elements for which you want to enable virtual keyboard input. That's it! It even works on textareas.

See the example script!

Not only does this script create an interactive keyboard within the current page (no popup windows!) it also allows you to specify a range of keyboard layouts from which users can select. The virtual keyboard will switch between layouts dynamically, without reloading the page.

Useful for those who don't have access to the keyboard layout of their choice; or for situations where a keyboard isn't available, or keyboard input isn't possible.

Try it on your forms today! Free for commercial and non-commercial use under the BSD licence.

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  • Jun 28, 2007 - 16:28

    # Comment by Els


    Try it on your forms today!

    So, what's wrong with *this* form that it doesn't have the script on it? ;)

  • Jun 28, 2007 - 16:34

    # Comment by GreyWyvern


    It's (very) easily added, but this blog script is so old, it might fall apart under the strain :) J/K

    Seriously, I really need to find or build a replacement someday.