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Crazy Maze

Crazy Maze

Crazy Maze is a fast-paced action game of maze solving which you can play with up to three players simultaneously. Work your way through the maze and avoid the thugs to reach the exit, or challenge your friends in a mad dash to the finish!


  • For movement, Player 1 uses the Arrow Keys, Player 2 uses W A S D and Player 3 uses I J K L
  • Use the + and - keys to increase and decrease the size of the widget respectively
  • Press Enter or Spacebar to pause the game

Notes on Options

  • Changing the Game Speed will affect the movement rate of all players and enemies
  • When the Wounds option is on, enemy hits will disable players for 10 seconds rather than eliminating them. This works best in multiplayer mode, ensuring that someone will eventually win
  • The Torch option can be selected when Wall Visibility is less than 100%. With this option, players will be able to see walls adjacent to their character while in invisible areas
  • If Wall Visibility is less than 100% and the Torch option is not selected, invisible walls can be made temporarily visible by pressing either Shift key. This can only be done once every ten seconds.


  • Thanks to TarquinWJ for a helpful bit of maze generation algorithm
  • Based on an original idea by Atari