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  1. The Opera Puffin Archive - Main

    Opera Puffin Archive Mozilla In June of 2004, just after Opera 7.5 was released, I got it in my head that Opera needed a mascot, much like ...
    /puffins (8.7)

  2. Puffin-mascot-itis? - Blog

    Puffin-mascot-itis? Feb 1, 2005 Is the race for a new mascot for the Opera Browser heating up? Eivind, one of's web developers has ...
    /?post=149 (4.2)

  3. New Opera Puffin Graphics! - Blog

    New Opera Puffin Graphics! Oct 8, 2004 I've made some brand new Opera puffin graphics! These graphics are based on drawings by Don van der Ahé, ...
    /?post=112 (4.2)

  4. Widgets by GreyWyvern - Widgets

    ... such as Opera and Firefox. Stars Presto the Puffin , Opera's unofficial puffin mascot! PlanetWerks Current Version - 2.6 My widget ...
    /widgets/ (1.5)

  5. The New Opera Mascot! - Blog

    ... well, a fox. So I'm hereby campaigning for the puffin as official Opera mascot. The puffin is a north Atlantic seabird whose habitat ranges ...
    /?post=53 (1.5)

  6. Webcomics - Blog

    ... good friends with the guy who drew the Presto the Puffin cartoons a few years ago, and since then he's been an off-and-on cartoonist. He and ...
    /?post=275 (1.0)

  7. A Hitch-Hiking Power Ranger? - Blog

    ... conceived marketing blunders. The Wrath of The Puffin cannot be stopped! Find out how to ditch the Power Ranger in your own Opera 8.0 at The ...
    /?post=158 (1.0)

  8. Site map for - Main

    Encoder / Translator Image Thumbnailer Opera Puffin Archive Music by GreyWyvern Twitter RSS 2.0 © 2022 Brian Huisman AKA GreyWyvern ...
    /site-map (0.5)

  9. Road Apples Almanac - Blog

    Ontario, who is responsible for the Presto the Puffin graphics which made a grasp at Opera-Browser-mascot fame. Since then he's had to put ...
    /?post=284 (0.5)

  10. Cute Christmas - Blog

    ... was the best Christmas present ever! A Presto the Puffin statue! Man, I came to this party expecting maybe I'd end up with some kind of alcohol, ...
    /?post=199 (0.5)

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