Opera Regression #CORE-28817

Styled <option> redraw issue when contained in <fieldset>s with <legend>s

Behaviour changed in 12.15

When CSS styles such as background-color and color are applied to <option> elements, they should show up when the <select> element is opened, showing a dropdown menu of all items. If the <select> element is contained in a <fieldset> element which also contains a <legend>, then a redraw issue appears in Opera 10.5+. In such a case, the styles do not become visible until the tabs are switched, or another window is focused overtop of the affected <select> element.

In the <select> element below, all of the options except for the first should appear on a green background. In Opera 10.5+ the background appears red, but they can be turned green by forcing a video refresh. You can do this by selecting one of the red-background items, switching to another tab, then switching back. An interesting effect can be achieved by selecting a red item, unfocusing the <select> element so the red background is visible; then focus the window of another application on your desktop and drag it partially over the <select> element. When Opera is refocused, the portion of the <select> element that had been covered by the other application will be green, but the remainder will be red. :)


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