Opera Bug #368109

Opera fails to set the selected property on <option>s when a drag-select ends outside the <select> element

Fixed in Opera 10.51

Below is a select element, ten items tall, containing twenty <option>s. Attached to the Check button, is a script which loops through all these <option>s and reports how many of them have a selected property which resolves to true.

how many <option>s are selected.

The problem occurs when drag-selecting multiple <option>s where the ending mouseup happens after the mouse cursor has moved outside of the <select> element. When a group of <option>s are selected in this fashion, Opera fails to set the selected property on all <option>s through which the mouse cursor passed during the drag. Instead, the selected properties of all <option>s remain unchanged from the state the <select> element was in before the drag occurred.

For example, click and hold the mouse down over "This is option 5", then drag the mouse cursor above and outside of the select element before releasing the mouse button. When the Check button is pressed, Opera will report the number of elements which were selected before the drag occurred, rather than the number of <option>s which appear selected visually.

Webkit, Mozilla, and all versions of IE pass this test case and correctly report the number of selected elements, no matter how they are drag-selected.

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