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#156160: Save dialogue reports everything A-OK, while nothing is saved

Affects up to Opera 12.15

If a page has completed loading and then a javascript function triggers a document.write() command targetting itself, the page will be erased and a new document opened. This is behaviour as expected. Since the resulting page is dynamic, Opera caches nothing and no source will appear if you try to view it (other browsers might display the source of the original page), which is also okay since behaviour when viewing the source of a dynamically client-side generated page isn't really defined.

However, when this dynamic page is displayed, the Save As... dialogue is still available, and when clicked, still shows the filename of the originating webpage in the "File name:" field. When the "Save" button is pressed, no file appears wherever you chose to save it. The problem is that nothing gets saved while Opera appears to have saved the file since all the correct dialogues were traversed properly.

As a comparison, when asked to save the page, MSIE will save the original source of this page while FireFox/Mozilla will tack on <html> and <body> tags to the generated output and save that. Opera saves absolutely nothing; not even a blank file.

Click the button below to execute a document.write() command. The current page will be erased to open a new one as expected.

#156161: Hidden text when generated page isn't closed properly

Fixed in Opera 7.60 p3!

This appears to affect only Windows versions of Opera: If the new client-side generated page does not contain a document.close(); the last "word" of any document.write(); is hidden until you switch windows, or cause a video refresh by, for example, dragging another window over the hidden word and then removing it.

Click the button below to execute a document.write() command. The new page will not be closed properly with a document.close(); command.

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