Opera Bug #248952

Dynamically switched images do not refresh properly under some obscure conditions

Affects up to Opera 12.15

The checkboxes in the tables below are not actual form element checkboxes. Rather, they are each one of a pair of images, one checked and one not. (Unchecked & Checked) Clicking each image will call a script function that toggles the image (and its alt property) between the checked and unchecked versions.

Under certain (very!) specific conditions, the image src will switch but the visible image will not refresh. A video-refresh (dragging another window over the image and then removing it) will restore the correct displayed image. These conditions are as follows (all must be true):

  1. An absolute height property (px, em, ex etc. Not %) applied to the tbody cell
  2. Table contains both tfoot and tbody elements, in the correct source order
  3. Switching images are in the tfoot cell
  4. The two images are the same pixel dimensions

Below are five tables, the first which satisfies the above conditions, followed by four which do not. Clicking the checkbox images will call a script which toggles between the checked and unchecked versions, and the current state of each will be written to the text field at the bottom of the page. In the first table, the image refresh is broken.

Fulfills all conditions of the bug


No height applied to tbody cell


Missing tbody


Swap cells from tbody / tfoot


Images different dimensions


Image #1 status:
Image #2 status:
Image #3 status:
Image #4 status:
Image #5 status:

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